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Youth volunteering and funding

GwirVol is a uniquely Welsh, diverse partnership, promoting, supporting and driving forward youth volunteering.

Launched in 2009, Gwirvol is a partnership between the third, private and public sectors and led by the views of young people. The initiative’s core aims underpin everything that the partnership does and stands for.

GwirVol’s core aims are to:

  • Increase the number and the diversity of young people volunteering in Wales;
  • Increase the number and accessibility of quality volunteering opportunities for young people in Wales to ensure they get the most from their volunteering experience.

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Latest news ....

Information from the Youth Volunteering Meeting 21 November 2017

Youth Volunteering Progress and Updates – the presentation >>>

As discussed in the meeting, here are some links to some helpful documents:

1.    Young Trustee Toolkits 

2.    Charities Aid Foundation – Young Trustee Guide 

3.    Young Volunteers views on volunteering and branding of youth volunteering 

Please note the next dates of the meetings, depending on the network to which you belong:

Volunteering Wales Youth Network / Rhwydwaith Ieuenctid Gwirfoddoli Cymru - Chwefror / 27 February 2018
Volunteering Wales Project Board / Bwrdd Prosiect Gwirfoddoli Cymru - Chwefror / 6 February 2018
Youth Volunteer Advisors Network / Rhwydwaith Cynghorwyr Gwirfoddoli Ieuenctid - Chwefror / 13 February 13 2018