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The Strategy for Older People in Wales
2013 - 2023

There is no quick fix to the challenges and opportunities presented by an ageing population. There must be a sustained and serious effort over at Front page of reportleast a 10-year period if we are to tackle the broad ranging and often inter-dependent issues where change is needed to benefit older people now and in the future.

Welsh Government has established a 10 year action plan to deal with the things that matter most in the lives of older people in Wales.

This third phase of the strategy focuses on ensuring that older people in Wales have the resources they need to deal with the challenged and opportunities they face.

Older people should expect to be able to participate as fully in society as they desire, including:

  • Contributing to community and family life;
  • Influencing decisions;
  • Having their needs met.

Local authorities, the voluntary sector, and older people themselves are all involved in the strategy to improve quality of life.

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