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Old lady with hand under chinOver 50s

The ageing of our society is well documented, nearly ONE IN FOUR people in Wales are now over 60.

The population aged 50 years and over in Wales:

  • Increased by 15.6 per cent in the period 1991-2007 and stood at 1.11 million in 2007, which is 37 per cent of the overall population (higher than the UK figure of 34 per cent);
  • Projected to increase by a further 28.0 per cent by 2031, to 1.42 million or 43.0 per cent of the population;
  • Increased mainly due to an increase in life expectancy for both males and females over the last 30 years.  Between 1976 and 2006 the life expectancy at birth has increased by 8.4 years for males and by 6.3 years for females;
  • Shows similar trends within most local authorities in Wales, however, the proportion varies a great deal between local authorities. In 2007 the highest proportion aged 50 and over was in Conwy (44%) and the lowest was in Cardiff (28.7%).

The population aged 85 and over is projected to more than double in size between 2007.

From this page you can access information on local issues affecting over 50s at both national and local events and forums.