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Volunteering Wales website – prepare for changes ahead

Date published: 06/03/2018

Significant changes to the Volunteering Wales website are on the way. If your organisation uses the website to logoadvertise for volunteers - take note! 

The information needed on the new site is sufficiently different and in different format from that required on the old site, that it makes migration of the data from one to the other impossible. Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) recognise that for a while there will be a reduced number of opportunities on the new site, but they will be up to date and with information that is complete and of good quality!

The new site will be easy for volunteers to use. Volunteers will be able to create their own profile, to search for and apply to join opportunities, to leave feedback and to log volunteering hours. Mobile apps are available for Apple (and will be shortly for Android systems too) and information and activity can be shared on social media.

The existing website address will remain the same and after the switchover in April 2018, all data on the old site will remain accessible to us for many months to come.

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WCVA is encouraging organisations to post as many opportunities as possible before the site 'goes live' in April, so that there is plenty of content to attract volunteers who are looking to volunteer.

If you would like to register your organisation visit it is still being constructed, but it can be used by organisations to register ready for the launch of the new volunteer website.

Watch out for Twitter, Facebook or newsletter posts which will let you know what is happening and when the actual switchover date in April is confirmed.

If you have any queries at this stage, get in touch with Fiona


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