Taking digital volunteer management to a new level

Date published: 07/12/2017

Building on the success of the volunteering Wales website plans are afoot to take our Wales wide digital volunteering platform to a new level.

Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) and the 19 CVCs in Wales have agreed to invest in the development of a volunteer management web platform that will give organisations a range of digital tools to support volunteer recruitment, scheduling, monitoring and communication. Volunteers will be able to log their hours of volunteering, and organisations can award 'virtual' badges of recognition. 

The system will be free of charge for local users and volunteer centres will continue to provide co-ordination, support and to encourage best practice in volunteer management. Developing digital processes and enabling those who are comfortable with online systems to use them, means that staff in volunteer centres and organisations can focus their time on those who want one to one support, for whatever reason, rather than on routine administration. 

The aim is to develop excellent online and offline volunteering services, so that everyone who wants to volunteer is able to do so. 

The new system is anticipated to be introduced in April 2018. A specification for the work has been published. Further information is available from Rhodri Jones

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