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Introduction to Full Cost Recovery - WCVA workshop

Date published: 18/10/2018

29 November 2018 at Hafan Cymru , Carmarthen logo
Time: 9.45am - 1pm

This half day workshop will equip participants with an understanding of Full Cost Recovery as well as introducing the different tools and techniques needed to identify and analyse their organisations' full costs for a specific project.

Equip participants with an understanding of full cost recovery as well as the toolkit to calculate their organisations' full costs.

Failure to properly fund the overheads of your project can lead to instability, poor service delivery as well as jeopardising the sustainability of your organisation.

Overheads are all the costs that partly support the project, but also support other projects or activities that your organisation provides. These can include a proportion of salaries of core staff such as administrators, rent and utilities costs or your organisation's legal and audit fees.

Full Cost Recovery is a method of cost allocation which ensures all overheads are included in your budgets when you apply for project funding or bid for services.

Learning outcomes:
By the end of the course the learner will:

  • Appreciate the concept of full cost recovery and the role it plays in achieving financial sustainability;
  • Understand the principles and methods involved in identifying and calculating full costs;
  • Be able to analyse and allocate the true costs of running an organisation and its activities.

This course is for Trustees, staff and volunteers. It is suitable for those new to fundraising and full cost recovery.

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