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Date published: 14/02/2017

CFG’s Small Charities Programme helps small charities manage their finances more effectively. It delivers logoaffordable, relevant, useful financial training and free downloadable resources, aimed at supporting small charities in different locations across England and Wales.

  • A small charity is defined as a charity whose annual income is £1million or less;

  • Each half-day session costs just £20.

It’s open to all small charities across England and Wales.

Resources, practical tools and templates are free to download from the Small Charities Programme website. Training will take place in London and regional hubs and will cover five areas, in half-day sessions:

  • Budgets, management accounts and cash flow forecasting;

  • How to prepare your reporting;

  • Bank accounts, outsourcing, accounting principles and managing risk.

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See their training programme below:

Bank accounts, outsourcing, accounting principles and managing risk
Date: 18 May 2017
Location: Carmarthen

The core areas for the financial operations of your charity: from managing bank accounts and record-keeping to managing risk and financial controls. The aim is to strengthen your ability to manage your charity’s finances and put in place systems to protect charity’s assets.This module will give you the knowledge, skills and practical tools to manage the essentials of charity finance. It includes:

  • How to set up a bank account, handle cash and make and manage payments;
    Record-keeping, book-keeping, balance sheets and reconciliations;
    Basic accounting principles and the roles and responsibilities of the finance function;
  • The difference between restricted and unrestricted funds;
  • Monitoring and internal reporting;
  • How to manage risk, prevent fraud and understand your charity’s exposure to risk;
  • How to design and implement good financial controls;
  • Why should you consider outsourcing your financial support, such as book-keeping, payroll and account?
  • The pros and cons to working with an external provider;
  • What do you need to consider when choosing IT and finance systems?


Budgets, management accounts and cash flow forecasting
Date: 12 July 2017
Location: Cardiff

How to use your financial information to improve decision-making. This module will equip you with the knowledge, skills and practical tools to make good financial decisions, so that your small charity is better able to raise funds and serve your beneficiaries. Tailored to the needs of small and growing charities, this module covers:

  • Introduction to budgeting and how to draw up a budget;
    Project budgets and how to present them to funders;
    What do funders look for and why?
    Understanding restricted and unrestricted funding;
    Calculating direct, indirect and support costs of projects;
    What is forecasting and why is it important?
    Introduction to cash flow forecasting and how to prepare a cash flow forecast;
    Management accounts: what they are and why are they useful?
  • How to present and use management accounts in decision making.

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