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Flu vaccine this year for people aged 65 or over gives the best protection yet!

Date published: 28/11/2018


Older adults are at increased risk of becoming very ill if they get flu, so from the age of 65 everyone is offered a free annual NHS flu vaccination.

In 2017-18 in Wales 69%of adults aged 65 and over had a flu vaccine in Wales. This year there is a flu vaccine that works better in older people, offering better protection than ever before.

Additionally, those who care for older people should also have an annual flu vaccine to help protect them from catching and spreading flu to those in their care.

Unpaid carers can have a free NHS flu vaccine at their community pharmacy or GP surgery, and this year for the first time, care home workers with regular client contact can get a free flu NHS vaccine too - at their community pharmacy.

Phil Bennett encourages those who are 65 and over to have their flu vaccine >>>

Please spread the word to your older friends and relatives! #beatflu #vaccineswork 

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