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Magic moments in mental health – Improving lives through storytelling

Date published: 11/09/2018

Date: 10 October 2018 from 9.45am - 3.30pmlogo
Location: National Botanical Garden of Wales

On World Mental Health Day, West Wales Action for Mental Health, The Wales School for Social Care Research and Social Care Wales have come together to hold a unique and interactive conference centred around lives, feelings and experiences.

Across Wales, health and social care services are being encouraged to place a stronger focus on having ‘what matters’ conversations with the people they support rather than completing ‘tick-box’ forms. These conversations require a greater focus on listening and responding to people’s life stories, which convey meaning and purpose as well as important emotions and values. Everyone benefits from having their story heard. Having said this, there is also a need to respond to and act on these stories, rather than just being ‘moved’ by them.

This conference will help you explore what makes effective stories, how to gather and share them to support individual and collective well-being as well as learning and development within communities and services.

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