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Public Services Boards bulletin - spring 2018

Date published: 11/05/2018

The spring 2018 issue of the Public Services Board bulletin is aimed at keeping Public Services Boards and those Front page of bulletininvolved in partnership work updated and connected.

Included in this bulletin:

News from the Welsh Government:

  • The role of community and town councils in meeting local objectives;
  • Strengthening Local Government: Delivering for People;
  • Well-being Plans - thematic work;
  • Future trends update;
  • Planning Policy Wales - views sought;
  • Commission on Justice in Wales seeking your views;
  • Are you trying to make a change for the better;
  • Working together to reduce outdoor air pollution, risks and inequalities.

Other news includes information regarding the Future Generations Frameworks.

Download Public Services Boards Bulletin - spring 2018 English language bulletin here >>>
Download Public Services Boards Bulletin - spring 2018 Welsh language bulletin here >>>

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