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Bridgend Public Services Board publishes their Well-being Plan for Bridgend 2018 - 2023

Date published: 10/05/2018

Download Bridgend Public Services Board Well-being Plan for Bridgend 2018-23 (English language) here >>>
Download Bridgend Public Services Board Wellbeing Plan for Bridgend 2018-23 (Welsh language) here >>>

Public, third and business sectors have come together in Bridgend to form a Public Services Board (PSB). Front page of planBridgend.

PSB is committed to working together to improve wellbeing in Bridgend County now and in the future. Working in partnership is not new and they have a long history of successful partnership working.

The well-being plan outlines the things that Bridgend PSB will work together on over the next five years; their wellbeing objectives and steps, and how they want Bridgend to look in 10 years’ time.

In 2015,  Welsh Government made a new law called the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act. Before they made the law they had lots of conversations across Wales with many thousands of people on the ‘Wales we want’. These conversations identified a number of areas that concerned people and affected their wellbeing.

These included climate change, the environment, jobs and skills, health and culture and these areas became seven wellbeing goals for Wales:

1. A Prosperous Wales.
2. A Resilient Wales.
3. A Healthier Wales.
4. A More Equal Wales.
5. A Wales of Cohesive Communities.
6. A Wales of Vibrant and Thriving Welsh language.
7. A Globally Responsible Wales.

The Wellbeing Plan for Bridgend has developed four well-being objectives, which are:

1. Best Start in Life.
2. Support Communities in Bridgend to be Safe and Cohesive.
3. Reduce Social and Economic Inequalities.
4. Healthy Choices in a Healthy Environment.

These wellbeing objectives are designed to complement each other and be part of an integrated way of working to improve wellbeing for people in Bridgend County Borough. Bridgend Public Services Board have made sure that they know how they work with the wellbeing objectives of PSB members and neighbouring PSBs. The priorities and steps they have chosen under each objective in the plan will focus on addressing the underlying causes of problems and preventing them getting worse or happening in the future.

Bridgend Public Services Board know they can only do this if PSB members collaborate with each other and involve people and communities at every stage. They know that the impact of issues such as climate change, population change and economic trends over the next 25 years will influence how living, working and visiting Bridgend will be in the long term and this has helped us to set the 10 year vision and the objectives and steps in this plan.





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