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State of Caring Survey 2018: Tell your experiences of caring

Date published: 13/04/2018

Carers UK want to hear your experiences of being a carer in 2018. logo

They are launching their latest State of Caring Survey to help them paint a comprehensive picture of the impact that providing care can have on your life and to gather evidence of where more support and understanding is needed from services, employers and society.

Last year, over 7000 carers shared their experiences with Caers UK.. What they said last year made the front pages of newspapers, was quoted over and over again by politicians and policy makers. This helped Caresr UK  bring the voice of carers and experience of carers into discussions on a whole range of issues from reform of NHS Continuing Care funding to how the Government can better support people to return to work after they are no longer caring, making changes where carers need them.

This year, Carers UK is campaigning for carers to be able to access a break from their caring role, for a rise in Carer’s Allowance and for stronger rights for carers who are juggling work and care. They know too that social care and the NHS will again be at the top of the agenda this year. They want to make sure that pressure on carers is at the centre of discussions about more funding and we need your evidence to do this.

As the survey is very comprehensive and Carers UK want to understand the different experiences of people and of having different caring responsibilities, it will take at least 20 minutes to complete. They very much appreciate you taking the time do this.

Complete the survey here >>> logo

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