Beyond Service-land – new approaches to reducing social isolation and promoting meaningful relationships

Date published: 12/04/2018

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Wednesday 9 May 2018 at Glasdir, Conwy from 10am - 3pm
Thursday 10 May 2018 at Future Inn, Cardiff from 10am - 3pm

Learning Disability Wales would like to invite you to a special one day event looking at new approaches to reducing social isolation and promoting meaningful relationships for people who have a learning disability.

Most people with a learning disability say friendships and relationships are important to them. In reality though many people find themselves socially isolated and facing barriers to making and developing new friendships and relationships and many support services and agencies struggle to enable those they support to benefit from this most normal aspect of life.

This event will look at examples of how organisations are taking new approaches to help people with a learning disability develop their social life, make friends and have relationships. There will also be inspiring and informative presentations and a chance to look at examples and issues in more detail in smaller workshops.

By attending this event you will gain ideas and strategies to help you to put the principles of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act into action through:

  • Voice and control – putting the individual and their needs, at the centre of their care, and giving them a voice in, and control over reaching the outcomes that help them achieve well-being;
  • Prevention and early intervention – increasing preventative services within the community to minimise the escalation of critical need;
  • Well-being – supporting people to achieve their own well-being and measuring the success of care and support;
  • Co-production – encouraging individuals to become more involved in the design and delivery of services.

This one day event will be taking place in two different locations across Wales on the following dates:

  • 9 May 2018 in Conwy (10am – 3pm)
  • 10 May 2018 in Cardiff (10am – 3pm)

For further information, prices and to book your place read more here >>>



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