Latest newsletter from the Community Voice: Self-Harm Self-Help Project

Date published: 15/03/2017

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  • Self-Injury Awareness Day 2017;
  • Self-Harm in children;
  • Dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking);
  • Self-Harm Safety Plan;
  • Latest project news.

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Childhood Self-Harm Survey
MHM Wales would like to provide self-harm support to a wider age range. Please take a moment to complete this very short survey to allow us to get an idea of what services are needed.
Download survey here >>>

FREE course for parents from Selfharm UK
Unfortunately more children are resorting to self-harm as a response to the pressures of growing up. With 60% of parents reporting they feel uncomfortable discussing self-harm with their children, thousands of children could be suffering in silence. To help parents, Selfharm UK has launched a free online course that provides information on how to sensitively talk to your children about self-harm and tactics for increasing mental resilience.
Start your FREE course here >>>


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