Pre hospital communication guide now available as an app

Date published: 13/02/2017

In 2013, the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust developed a bilingual pre hospital communication guide inposter the form of a small booklet.

They have now developed an app version of the guide, which is available for everyone to use, you can download it to your phone for free!

The App is a tool to help communicate with those who have additional communication needs including:

  • People who are Deaf or hard of hearing;
  • People for whom English is not their first language;
  • People with learning disabilities;
  • People whose illness or injury affects their communication

A person may use a mixture of speech, gesture and pictures to communicate. The App uses images and a small amount of text to help you find out important information about someone or what has happened if they have had an accident.

You can use the app to identify if the person uses a specific communication method or the language they speak. Anyone can download and use the app for free! Its available on iOS, Android and Blackberry.

To access the app:

  • iOS - search for ‘PreHospApp’;
  • Blackberry – search for ‘pre hospital app’;
  • Android – search for ‘Pre-Hospital Communication App’.


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