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Lloyds Bank Foundation launches new strategy 'Reaching Further'

Date published: 05/07/2018

The strategy sets out how it will partner with small and local charities over the next five years to help people Front page of reportovercome complex social issues and rebuild their lives.

This will include funding at least 700 charities at any one time:

...for longer, funding more charities for up to six years, focusing on those making significant impact for people and their local area;

...with more money, increasing the size of their main grants up to £200,000 over six years;

...more flexibly, with fewer restrictions on when and how charities spend our grant, because they trust their judgement on how to best achieve the greatest impact;

...with a promise of high quality.

Their Enable Programme is currently closed, but will reopen at the end of August under new guidelines and BAVO will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.

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