Wolfson Foundation funds new buildings, refurbishments and equipment for range of organisations delivering excellent care and support

Date published: 06/06/2018

Wolfson Foundation funding tends to focus on enhancing care, providing better opportunities and improving quality logoof life. The Foundation has awarded over £35 million to more than 200 different organisations over the last ten years.

The Foundation’s funding in this area is focussed on three themes: Palliative Care and Hospices, Older People, Transitions and Independence

The size of these grants varies from around £15,000 to £100,000.

Larger grants are given to key, strategic projects deemed ambitious and well thought-out, with a clear long-term focus. Charities are encouraged not to apply more than once every five years.

Match funding is required for projects over £50,000. 

There is a two stage application process with the next deadline being 1 July 2018.

Further information is available on their website here >>>


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