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Wolfson Foundation grants generally given for capital infrastructure

Date published: 13/03/2018

Wolfson Foundation (Health and Disability, Older people, Education, Museums, Historic Buildings, Arts andlogo Humanities)
Grants: varied  
Deadlines: varied

Grants are generally given for capital infrastructure (new build, refurbishment and equipment) supporting excellence in the fields of science and medicine, health and disability, education and the arts and humanities.

The large majority of the funding is allocated through open programmes (i.e. programmes which are open for any applicant to apply, albeit within defined eligibility criteria). There are also a small number of closed programmes (i.e. programmes where the particular field being funded is tightly defined and where they work with a number of carefully selected organisations).

Generally the capital infrastructure programmes are open programmes and the closed programmes are all bursary, scholarship or salary schemes focussed on people rather than buildings or equipment. Information on all of their programmes is available on their website, including information on how to apply, via the menus to the left. It welcomes applications under the open programmes but does not accept unsolicited applications under closed programmes.

Partnership programmes:
The Foundation is committed to working, where possible, in partnership with other funders and expert bodies. A number of the funding programmes are administered by other organisations and the website provides details of those programmes, including links to the relevant information on how to apply (which is generally via the partner organisation rather than direct to us). By partnership programmes they mean all programmes that are administered and/or co-funded by other organisations.

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