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I.T. grants for UK charities and not-for-profit groups

Date published: 19/02/2018

Net: Solutions Wales can assist groups with I.T. Grant's - UK Wide for the provision of PCs, laptops, smartboards, logoprojectors and networks.

Most main stream capital I.T. is eligible.

They have been assisting the third sector for over 20 years and work on the basis of supplying the Awarded Kit (at no cost to your organisation or ongoing commitment).

Any UK not-for-profit groups or charity with UK beneficiaries is eligible.

One application per year.

Description of aid:

  • Type: Grant – 100% aid;
  • Term: spend within one year;
  • Covering: grant aid to UK voluntary groups / charities;
  • Support: the grant's are for I.T. - full support.

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