If voluntary community group in Maesteg East ward - did you know £10,000 from Community Action Fund available? …don’t miss out!

Date published: 15/01/2018

Maesteg East’s boundaries are from the road river bridge by Celtic Welfare Park all the East side of logothe river, up to the old Iron Bridge at the top of McGregor Row, Maesteg. This ward has two elected members, Cllr Keith Edwards,and Cllr Tom Beedle, and between them they  have £10,000 for community groups in this ward!

This money is intended for the benefit of the community, subject to compliance with the requirements of the scheme. Councillors will have reasonable discretion as to how to spend their allocation, as long as they are lawful for the Council, rational, properly recorded and not contrary to council policy.

The Community Action Fund hopes to broaden the impact which council funding can have on individual communities and provide a funding source which Councillors can use to directly benefit their ward.

Examples of initiatives that the fund can be used for include:

  • Undertake small improvements to community assets such as painting a community room, buying equipment for a village hall or purchasing planters to improve the street scene;
  • Improvements to a community centre or village hall;
  • Setting up and publishing a new community newsletter;
  • Planning and publishing village walks;
  • Purchase of play and exercise equipment for community use;
  • Public events, festivals and exhibitions;
  • Setting up a new community activity such as a gardening club or residents group.

Maesteg East ward elected members are seeking groups to make applications for these funds, and applications need to be made before the end of the financial year (March 2018). If these funds are not claimed, then they will be lost and no longer available.

There are terms and conditions that apply to these funds, and we urge the groups to ensure that they meet these conditions when seeking consideration

Funding requests from the scheme need to be made by completing the Councillor’s  Community Action Fund form and submitted to your local Councillor. For further information click here

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