Capacity building projects - £10,000 grants from Wales School for Social Care Research

Date published: 29/11/2017

The Wales School for Social Care Research is pleased to announce the 2017 Social Care Research Capacitylogo Grants for social care organisations in Wales. The Wales School for Social Care Research is funded by Welsh Government through Health and Care Research Wales, with a mission to ‘contribute to the sustained co-production of excellent social care research that informs and enriches social care policy and practice in Wales in order to have a positive impact on people’s well-being across the life course (children, young people and adults)’.

The Social Care Research Capacity Grant Scheme is a one off initiative to fund research projects for social care practice in Wales, with the overall aim to increase social care research activity and research mindedness in ways that build on what is already happening.

This Scheme is intended to support organisations take forward research plans by undertaking small scale research projects or pilot projects, and the formation of practice and research development networks. 

  • The Scheme will fund the delivery of small research or pilot projects undertaken by a social care organisation, with an academic co-applicant, about a research topic relevant to social care practice. Public involvement is an expectation of the Scheme. The project needs to be undertaken in a 12 month period;
  • The Scheme will fund the establishment of social care practice and research networks. These are defined as a network of collaborators that will include public members, social care providers and policy makers and research academics, who come together with a shared interest in developing social care research ideas, activities and funding proposals. These will build bridges between researchers and social care practice settings.

In this Scheme, funded projects will result in a tangible outcome that strengthens research
within the social care setting in order to impact on practice and/or policy.

Successful applicants will be supported by the Wales School for Social Care Research in the implementation of their small projects or formation of a social care practice and research network, and in communicating the findings of their project to a wider audience. This support includes:

  • Support for the development of research project planning;
  • Assistance with ethics application processes;
  • Support for the development of social care practice and research networks and ways to maintain them;
  • Support for dissemination of research findings.

The maximum sum available for each award is £10,000. The School anticipates being able to fund up to ten projects in total.

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