BAVO and BBC Children in Need funding surgery at BAVO 31 January 2018

Date published: 23/11/2017

A day of pre-booked appointments has been organised in collaboration with BBC Children in Need on logoWednesday 31 January 2018. Groups that wish to apply must be available anytime between 2 - 5pm. Confirmation of the actual appointment time will be advised to successful applicants by BAVO. There will be a maximum of six appointments available on the day.

Don't miss the opportunity to access this very popular funding programme which is open to voluntary and community groups that work with disadvantaged children and young people.

Groups serving Bridgend County Borough will be able to apply for a 30 minute appointment with James Bird, a BBC Children in Need grants officer, to discuss the eligibility and potential of a project proposal.

BBC Children in Need supports stable, well-managed, and effective organisations that work with disadvantaged children and young people aged 18 years and under living in the UK (groups that work with people of all ages may also apply as long as the project is focused on work with those aged 18 and under). Disadvantaged children and young people include those affected by:

  • illness, distress, abuse, or neglect;
  • any kind of disability;
  • behavioural or psychological difficulties;
  • living in poverty or situations of deprivation.

The application should focus on the children your project will work with and the differences that your project will make for them. You should be able to clearly demonstrate the link between the disadvantage and how your project will change the lives of the children involved for the better. Where possible it should take into account their views and involve them in decisions that affect them.

Like many funders BBC Children in Need has a list of work that it will not fund as follows:

  • overseas projects or trips;
  • medical treatment/research;
  • unspecified expenditure;
  • deficit funding or repayment of loans;
  • retrospective funding (projects taking place before the grant award date);
  • projects that cannot start within 12 months of an award date;
  • distribution to another/other organisation(s);
  • general appeals or endowment funds;
  • relief of statutory responsibility;
  • the promotion of religion;
  • projects for pregnancy testing or advice, information or counseling on pregnancy choices;
  • Individuals (unless an eligible organisation is applying on their behalf);
  • building projects costing over £20,000;
  • general awareness-raising work;
  • bursaries, sponsored places, fees or equivalent.

Main Grants of over £10,000 can be awarded for up to three years at a time (with the exception of holidays/residentials which can only be funded for one year at a time). 

Small Grants are £10,000 and under are also available for three years.

The funding is accessible all year round with three Main Grant deadlines in January, May and September and four Small Grant deadlines in March, June, September, and December.

To help you check if you are eligible to apply for funding please read the following carefully:

  • applicants must be a constituted not for profit group with a  bank or building society account and at least two unrelated cheque signatories;
  • applicants must have a written child protection policy;
  • applicants must have adequate and appropriate insurance.

More information is available at:

To apply for an appointment please forward an outline of your project proposal (no more than one side of A4), preferably by e-mail, to

Outlines must be received by Wednesday 24 January 2018.







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