A.F. Blakemore - 1917 Heritage Grants deadline for applications 28 July 2017

Date published: 11/05/2017

Grant : £1,900.logo

A wide range of local community and voluntary organisations can apply including local charities, social clubs, sports clubs, community groups, schools, hospitals, family associations and hospices. 

10 one-off grants are available for local good causes with particular interest in helping the sustainability of charities, organisations and community groups across England and Wales.

The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Individuals, including students;

  • Salaries of charities or organisations;

  • Overseas appeals;

  • Expeditions or overseas travel;

  • Marketing promotions;

  • Endowment funds;

  • Political donations

Eligible expenditure:

The funding is to be used to sustain the good cause for the long term. This could be e.g. funding towards a new building, specialist equipment, refurbishments or learning programmes.

The following are examples of categories that could be funded:

  • Community Groups and Social Clubs: Venue refurbishment, club materials and equipment;

  • Education and Schools: School equipment/materials, renovation and learning programmes;

  • Emergency Services and Armed Forces: Specialist machinery, vehicles, equipment and service costs;

  • Environmental Causes: Conservation, restoration, recycling and environmental solutions;

  • Family, Support, Housing and Care: Venue refurbishment, renovation, specialist equipment, outreach and animal welfare services;

  • Hospices: Palliative treatment costs, specialist equipment, vehicles and home care services;

  • Medical, Research, Hospitals and Health: Specialist machinery, medical research and services;

  • Sports Clubs: Sporting or venue equipment, hire, venue refurbishments or expansion of services.

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