ROCKWOOL UK programme of philanthropic donations and sponsorships

Date published: 10/05/2017

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Deadlines: three times a year

Rockwool UK has a newly formalised programme of community activity in and around their local community of Pencoed, South Wales. This includes running the Woodland for Learning Trust at their site, as well as a programme of philanthropic donations and sponsorships.

The programme forms a core part of their drive to make a positive social and environmental impact as a business, particularly in the fields of health, housing and the environment and the majority of the company’s donations will be to local projects within these three priorities.  

It aims to:

  •  support, and give back to, our local community in South Wales;
  •  support charitable projects which align with our priority areas;
  •  help foster good community relations.

ROCKWOOL seeks to be a good neighbour in the local areas in which it operates. The primary ROCKWOOL UK site is located in Pencoed, South Wales and priority will be given to requests for local donations which originate within an eight mile radius of our site.

Community benefits:
ROCKWOOL wants to ensure that the projects it supports deliver real community benefits. In particular:

  • Environment: ROCKWOOL UK manufactures products designed to make buildings more energy efficient, and thereby help reduce CO2 emissions (a key factor in climate change). In line with this, additional weighting will be given to projects which are beneficial to the environment; 
  • Housing: ROCKWOOL products help to make homes more comfortable places to live, by improving their energy efficiency, acoustic environment, and fire safety. In line with this, additional weighting will be given to projects which relate to supporting people with housing needs;
  • Health and well-being: Living and working in spaces that are energy efficient and have good quality acoustic environments makes a significant difference to our health and well-being. In line with this, additional weighting will be given to projects which relate to health and well-being.

Additional considerations will include:

  •  The monetary value of the request;
  •      The difference that a ROCKWOOL UK donation could make to the project;
  •      The financial capability and accountability of the project

Local charitable/community donations and sponsorship
Requests for donations and sponsorship are welcomed from local charitable and not-for-private-profit organisations.

Local is defined here as being within a close proximity of the ROCKWOOL UK factory site in Pencoed, South Wales. Greater consideration will be given to applications for causes located within eight miles of their site.

Requests must be received via completion of the donations and sponsorships application form.

All applications should be acknowledged and given an anticipated date of reply, which should correspond with the next meeting of the Donations Advisory Committee (unless received within two weeks of the next meeting).

The Donations Advisory Committee meet three times per year to review all applications received since the last meeting. The budget will be staggered to reflect this.

Applications will be shared with the Donations Advisory Committee at least two weeks prior to the meeting to allow time for review.

At the meeting, applications will be discussed and scored using the Donations and Sponsorships Scorecard, which reflects the strategic priorities and selection criteria and restrictions outlined in this policy.

Awards will be made in line with the scores given and the decisions of the Donations Advisory Committee will be reported to all applicants within three weeks of the meeting date.

A record of all decisions and financial commitments will be maintained by the Donations Advisory Committee.

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