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Are there constant arguments and problems at home?

Date published: 05/09/2018


Have you left home or are thinking of leaving because of family arguments?

Llamau's Family Mediation Service maybe able to help you.

Llamau believe that no young person or vulnerable woman should ever have to experience homelessness. Their mission is to eradicate homelessness for young people and vulnerable women. 30 years ago Llamau was founded to provide homeless teenagers with a safe place to stay.

Since then, they have supported over 67,000 young people, women and their children who are either homeless or facing homelessness. Many people think the job of a homelessness charity will be to provide accommodation - a safe place to stay. But it is very clear to them that for most people who are facing homelessness, their problems are far more complex than a lack of permanent shelter. They treat everyone who needs their support as an individual. They make sure that they people are supported to rebuild their futures. 

To get in touch with a family mediation worker for Bridgend County Borough, contact Kerry, T: 07966981048.

Having issues in a current tenancy? If so, contact our Crisis Scheme for free help and support on 01656 782904.

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