Are you working with children, young people or families?

Date published: 15/06/2017

If so, this local 'Public Service Board' update is for you.poster

For those of you who are not already aware, the Welsh Government, Bridgend  Public Service Board (PSB), Western Bay Partnership and Police and Crime Commissioner are interested in an area of work referred to as  ‘ACE’s’ (Adverse Childhood Experience’s).

If you are working with children, young people and / or families, it would be in your interest to update yourself on the background to this priority area. 

Click here for a handy video giving a  basic and  brief explanation of what ‘ACE’s’ are and mean.  This DVD has been presented to the Public Service Board membership and the social services workforce.

We don’t have any fleshed-out detail on the project work proposed in Bridgend County Borough as yet, but BAVO suggested to the Public Service Board that a multi-agency Children and Young People’s Partnership (CYPP) be reconvened to consider how the sectors and agencies (that have an interest in this agenda) might better collaborate, share information and coordinate activity.  In doing so, we may have a better chance of making a real impact and difference to the outcomes for children and families in Bridgend County Borough.

BAVO’s vision for the  CYPP would be that it also assists in sharing information and planning around other areas of work relevant to Children, young people and families, (similar to how it used to work prior to its disbandment in 2012). We would also see a natural link to the Regional third sector CYPP we recently launched with our fellow CVC’s in ABMU area. 

It is hoped that through the CYPP we would have a better chance of minimizing duplication, pooling capacity and resources, connecting the planning process and addressing gaps and needs in service areas.

The work of the CYPP will connect to the local Wellbeing goals, which are in the process of being finalised.  An initial meeting to scope out the terms of reference for the CYPP took place yesterday, and the Chair of the Third sector Youth Support Network (YSN) attended with BAVO . 

If you are interested in being kept informed of this work, please register your interest with Julia at

Further information on ACE’s can be found here:

Click here for more information on the Bridgend Public Service Board



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