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Current consultations

WCVA's consultations page, updated each week to help you have your say logo

Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) regularly responds to consultations on topics that will affect our members and the wider third sector. 

View WCVA's consultation page >>>

Help us get better at what we do....

If you or your organisation has had contact or services with BAVO, we would like to hear from you by completing our Third Sector Support Wales survey to tell us how we did and whether our services are useful to you or not.

BAVO is a member of the Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW), a network of support organisations for the third logosector in Wales, comprising County Voluntary Councils including BAVO and Wales Council for Voluntary Action. Our shared goal is to enable third sector and volunteers across Wales to contribute fully to individual and community wellbeing, now and for the future.

The survey allows you to click ‘BAVO’ on question 4 to give your views on our performance specifically. It asks about development, volunteering, partnerships /networks (strategic engagement /influencing) and funding.

By filling this in, we will receive feedback on how we ‘measure’ up against other
providers, what our impact is and how we need to improve. If you could spare just
five minutes to answer each question, we would be very grateful.

We would appreciate if you could complete this short survey here (English language version) >>>

Complete Welsh language survey here >>>

If you could spare just five minutes to answer each question, we would be very grateful.

Have your say on Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales Our national ambitions to prevent and reduce obesity in Wales

Welsh Government is consulting on a draft policy that has four main themes:logo

  • Leadership and enabling change: to drive improved leadership and accountability to deliver Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales across all sectors;
  • Healthy environments: to create an environment which supports everyone to make healthier food and activity choices;
  • Healthy settings: to create healthy settings so that people can access healthy meals, snacks and drinks and be physically active;
  • Healthy People: to provide the opportunities for people and communities to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

Consultation available here >>>

Of note may be:

Page 11 LEC1. Developing a long term, whole system approach to address obesity based upon the core principles of: Higher priority for early intervention as well as the prevention of overweight and obesity. This will include clearer leadership, accountability, strategy and management structures. We will ensure that obesity is a tier 1 target for Local Health Boards.

Page 12 LEC2. Understanding what works. We want to review the impact and scale of delivery of community based programmes to determine which have the greatest merit and work with partners to scale programmes as part of a systems based approach.

Page 25 HP2. Ensuring that relevant front line health and care staff have undertaken core Making Every Contact Count (MECC) training on healthy weight and will have the skills and confidence to hold conversations with individuals about their weight and signpost to appropriate support services. This includes strengthening opportunities to develop and reinforce the knowledge and skills of staff working across a range of roles in the community, to include staff in primary, secondary and social care

Page 26 HP3. The 10 Steps to a Healthy Weight programme will provide practical support and information for parents via a range of evidenced based interventions and positive parenting campaigns.

Page 28 HP5. Review and implement a clinical obesity pathway ensuring it meets current standards, provides clear definitions, sets clear transition points across each level and that there is explicit governance and accountability for delivery. This includes reviewing current delivery and implementation barriers, setting minimum standards at each level and agreeing a minimum national dataset to help monitor impact by working with Local Health Boards.

If you have any comments you would like to contribute as part of a response, please can you forward them to by 12 midday on Tuesday 12 March 2019.

What are your views of the value of e-learning and online conferencing?

Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW) want to understand your views on the value of e-learning and logoonline conferencing to your work.

Wales Council for Voluntary Action have had their elearning site Learning Zone Wales for several years and now want to consider what our e-learning offer should look like moving forward and really want to hear your views.

Please can you spare five minutes to click on one of the links below and complete this short survey in Welsh or English.

English survey >>>

Welsh survey >>>

Have you used Bridgend Carers Centre?

Bridgend Carers Centre specialises in the provision of information, support and short break opportunities to adult logocarers throughout Bridgend County Borough.

If you have used the centre, they would like you to complete a very short survey to tell them about your experiences with them and what services and activities you would to see in the future.

You can complete the survey here >>>

For further details, T: 01656 658479.

Give your views on wording and design of marketing materials for cancer public awareness campaign

Cardiff University in collaboration with Cwm Taf University Health Board, have been developing materials for a public awareness campaign for vague logossymptoms of cancer (i.e. weight loss, fatigue). The campaign is targeted at highly deprived groups. The campaign materials will be displayed on posters, leaflets, billboards, bus stops and buses, Facebook, and pharmacy bags.

To develop and improve the materials, they would like to gain as much feedback as possible from members of the public, healthcare professionals and community stakeholders.

Currently they are trying to recruit adults aged 18+, from deprived communities, who had not had a previous diagnosis of cancer, to take part in an interview to give their views and opinions on the design and wording of the materials.

There is a £10 Love To Shop voucher available for those taking part.

The deadline for responses is Friday 22 March 2019.

If you would like to find out more please contact Laura Cowley on email or T: 029 20688688

Views needed from third sector organisations about local substance use services

Health and Social Research is an independent team who has been asked to review substance use services in Western Bay areas within the area of Bridgend, Swansea and Neath Port Talbot areas. They will be conducting interviews of service users, carers, provider organisations and staff members, however in addition they would like to obtain the views of voluntary and community organisations.

This survey should take only 10 minutes to complete. 

You can complete the third sector questionnaire  here >>>

The closing date for responses is 28 March 2019.  

Your views matter - Help shape support for older veterans

Help Project 360° build picture of needs and aspirations of veterans in Wales aged 65 or over.

Project 360° is a partnership formed from Age Cymru, the veteran’s charity Woody’s Lodge, and Age Alliance Wales.logo

The project is funded by the Aged Veterans Fund through LIBOR money and was set up to improve the provision of health, social, and voluntary services for older military veterans in Wales, through the project partners. It is funded for three years until June 2020.

They would like to invite anyone who was in any of the Armed Forces in Wales and aged 65 or over; to help them better understand their day to day lives so Project 360° can improve the services they need, through the project partners.

Simply call 029 2043 1555 for a paper copy of the survey which can be returned free of charge, or complete their questionnaire online or via their website .

Project 360° can also come out to speak to local groups or organisations. Please get in contact by T: 029 2043 1555 or E: to arrange this. The deadline for research: 29 March 2019.

Unpaid carers amongst Armed Forces veterans – tell them about your life ...

The project also wants to know what would improve the quality of life for veterans aged 65 or over who are unpaid carers. In their initial research, they found one third of the people they spoke to looked after someone as an unpaid carer.

They have produced a specific questionnaire for veteran unpaid carers and their partners to help them in their  crucial research.

Call 029 2043 1555 for a paper copy of the survey which can be returned free of charge, or complete it online or via their website. The deadline for research: 29 March 2019.

How age friendly is my community?poster

The things that make somewhere a good place to live and work can change as we get older. Many of us remain active into older age, while some of us experience isolation, loneliness, money worries or poor health. Poor neighbourhood design and / or a lack of services can lead to older people being cut off within communities. It is vital that the needs of older people are considered to ensure we all have the opportunity to achieve the best health, wellbeing and quality of life that we are able.

Age Cymru would like you to complete their Community Calculator questionnaire asking:

  • how age friendly you think your community is;
  • you to score each element out of ten. The higher the score the closer your community is to being suitable for all ages. The lower, the more work needed to make it age friendly;
  • you to define community in terms of what it means to you – your village, suburb, town or city.

Age Cymru’s target of 1,000 responses to their Community Calculator questionnaire is very nearly met, so don't miss the opportunity to have your say!

You can complete their English language Community Calculator survey here >>>

You can complete their Welsh language Community Calculator survey here >>>

Have your say on tackling obesity in Wales


Welsh Government has launched the Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales consultation, which sets out posterits national ambitions to prevent and reduce obesity in Wales.

The consultation runs until Friday 12 April 2019, and the Welsh Government would like to hear your views on how they can best tackle obesity.

Welsh Government is consulting on a draft policy that has four main themes:

  • Leadership and enabling change: to drive improved leadership and accountability to deliver Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales across all sectors;
  • Healthy environments: to create an environment which supports everyone to make healthier food and activity choices;
  • Healthy settings: to create healthy settings so that people can access healthy meals, snacks and drinks and be physically active;
  • Healthy People: to provide the opportunities for people and communities to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

That’s why they have organised a series of regional public launch events across Wales. The nearest event is in South East Wales on Tuesday 12 March 2019 from 6.30 to 8.30pm at the Riverfront Centre, Kingsway, Newport, NP20 1HG.

Details on all events throughout Wales can be found by visiting

You can also visit the Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales website to read the consultation document, which contains the proposals in full, and have your say by completing the consultation questionnaire.

Share your views at:

Have you used your local GP Out-of-Hours service recently?poster

If so, you can help to improve the service by completing a short online survey. 

Your local Community Health Council will use the results to identify where the service is working well and where improvements are needed. The survey will be live until Sunday 31 March 2019. 

Take part in the survey here >>>

Community Health Councils are independent and exist to improve the patient experience within the National Health Service (NHS) in Wales and to offer support if things go wrong.

If you would like to contact your local Community Health Council, T: 01639 683490 for more information.

Carers Wales need your help to make sure you are getting your rights

Help Carers Wales Track The Actlogo

Each council in Wales has a legal duty to provide you with information, advice and assistance services so that you have the support you need to continue to care.

If you are a carer, Carers Wales need you to tell them what your experiences are so that they know what is happening in reality. Each experience is unique which helps them to build up a picture of what is going on with carers' rights across Wales.

Read more here >>>

From what you tell them, they are able to see whether there are regional differences which helps Carers Wales to tailor their campaigning to focus on what needs to be done better.

They will use the evidence they gather from you to influence decision makers and politicians. 

Take part in English language survey here >>>

Take part in Welsh language survey here >>>

Carers' physical activity surveylogo

Help Halo Leisure determine whether carers in Bridgend County Borough would like more health and well-being opportunities and activities by completing their survey here >>>

Share your views on how we can make Wales the best place in the world to grow older

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales wants Wales to be the best place in the world to grow logoolder and is currently determining the work she will undertake over the next three years to improve the lives of older people.

Since she took up post, the Commissioner has travelled the length and breadth of Wales, meeting and speaking with older people and organisations to hear about what would make Wales the best place in the world to grow older.

This has helped the Commissioner to identify three key long-term priorities for Wales, against which she will deliver a wide range of work over the next three years:

  • Ensuring everyone can age well;
  • Ending ageism and discrimination;
  • Stopping abuse of older people.

The Commissioner wants the voices and experiences of as many older people and stakeholders as possible to inform her work and would welcome your views on what she should focus on under these priority areas, particularly the changes you want to see and your ideas about how to make these changes happen.

Respond to the Commissioner’s consultation online here >>>

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the consultation document, email or call 03442 640 670.

The closing date for responses is Friday 22 February 2019.

Public invited to have their say on the future of local bus serviceslogo

Bridgend County Borough Council is inviting local residents to have their say on the possible withdrawal of all subsidies for bus services. The council currently supports some regional and local bus services by subsidising routes that are not commercially viable, along with the Welsh Government.

Last May, Cabinet Members agreed to cut the subsidies for six partly-funded bus routes around Bridgend County Borough. Since then, all but one of the six routes are continuing to operate on a commercial basis by the bus companies in some form, albeit with revised timetables which may involve less frequent services. Now, to help it achieve savings required in its Medium Term Financial Strategy for 2019/20 to 2022/23, the council is proposing to remove all remaining bus subsidies for the financial year 2019/20. Removing the subsidies for all routes would affect eight bus routes and generate a saving of £180,000 in 2019/20. Five of the routes are fully-funded and three are part-funded.

  • No.67 Bridgend to Aberkenfig via Pen-y-Fai (First Cymru)
  • No.37 Maesteg Parc Estate (Easyway)
  • No.73 Bridgend to Blaengarw (First Cymru)
  • No.76 Bridgend to Bettws (First Cymru)
  • No.51 Bridgend to Oaklands Road (Easyway)
  • No.803 Danygraig to Porthcawl (Easyway)
  • No.61 Nottage to Porthcawl (Peyton Travel)
  • No.16 Bridgend to Blaengarw (Easyway)

Bridgend County Borough Council’s ‘Supported Bus Services’ consultation can be completed online via the consultation pages before the closing date of Sunday 10 March 2019. Paper copies and alternative formats are also available by contacting the Consultation team on 01656 643664.

Cross-Party Group inquiry into hospital care

The Cross-Party Group on dementia in the National Assembly for Wales has launched an inquiry into hospitallogo care - and they want to hear from you.

When a person living with dementia is admitted to hospital, they are often at their most vulnerable, and their health can deteriorate rapidly upon admission.

The Welsh Government’s Dementia Action Plan pledges to take action on improving hospital care for people living with dementia.

The Cross Party Group on dementia are launching an inquiry. They want to hear from people across Wales about their experiences of hospital care for people living with dementia. 

The Alzheimer's Society will be gathering evidence – a combination of written and oral evidence, until June 2019. This will include a one-off oral evidence session. They will produce a report in autumn 2019.

They would particularly like to hear from:

  • People affected by dementia;
  • Third sector organisations including those representing carers;
  • Healthcare professionals and professional bodies;
  • Healthcare and service providers.

You can take part in the survey here >>>

Do you agree South Wales Fire & Rescue Service's seven priorities?

South Wales Fire & Rescue Service has published its plans for next year (2019-2020). logo

They would like to consult with members of the public in the communities they serve, to see if you agree with the seven priorities that they think are important to the people of South Wales.  

The consultation only takes a few minutes and they would really appreciate your feedback.

Download English survey here >>>   

Download Welsh survey here >>>    

Have your say on council services

Bridgend County Borough Council

Bridgend County Borough Council is inviting local people to have their say on the services it provides. Members are being recruited for the council’s Citizens’ Panel, which helps it to understand local people’s opinions about the services it provides for residents and businesses, and to review and improve its work.

Do you know someone who may be interested in joining the Citizens’ Panel? Bridgend County Borough Council has made it easier for residents to take part in their surveys. Sign up forms are available at all libraries and responding online is even more user friendly. To find out more or if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about this service, please get in touch with the Communications, Marketing and Engagement team on 01656 643664 or email