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Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) regularly responds to consultations on topics that will affect our members and the wider third sector. 

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Don't miss important opportunity to have YOUR say on local support services

On 29 April 2015, the Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill received Royal Assent and became an Act.

The Act aims to improve the way relevant authorities, that is the local authority, health boards (including Wales Ambulance Service Trust) and Fire and Rescue respond to abuse and violence.

Some of the things which the act will do are:

  • to promote awareness and prevent, protect and support victims of gender-based violence, domestic abuse and sexual violence;
  • Working with victims to ensure that any work meet the needs of the public who they will support and will be accountable to ensure that it is delivered correctly;
  • There will be a consistent approach across all organisations to ensure that there is quality service provision for people across Wales.

Within Bridgend County Borough, organisations are working together to ensure that services will be shaped to meet individual needs. To help us, we would really appreciate if people could answer a few questions, this support will ensure that those who maybe a victim of violence against women, domestic abuse or sexual violence have the support and advice that they require whether they are male or female.

As a Third Sector representative on the Bridgend Community Safety Partnership, BAVO is providing an opportunity for you to have a say on local support services. With your participation the Bridgend Community Safety Partnership will better understand community awareness of specific services and support.

Please use the link below to access a survey monkey questionnaire relating to support for anyone who may be suffering from domestic violence and or abuse.

Take part in survey here >>>

Closing date for the survey is Thursday 1 February 2018.

Thank you for your participation in this survey and contributing to the delivery of future support services.



What can be done to help carers in employment?

Employment survey  (very short - nine very quick questions).logo

Carers Wales has recently been given funding by Welsh Government to consider what carers need and what can be done to help carers in employment across Wales. 

As the working population ages and our loved ones are living longer, supporting carers who work is becoming increasingly important.  More and more of us will be juggling caring responsibilities at home alongside work.  Employers of all sizes will want to do more for carers in their workforce and Carers Wales wants to know your thoughts on how your employers could make your lives better by adopting certain working practices.  We would like your views if:

  • you are a working carer;
  • you have been a working carer;
  • you think you may be a working carer in the future;
  • you have views you would like to share.

You can complete the survey here >>>

Carers Wales will use the findings for a report which will be shared with you and across Wales. It will aim to inform employers and the Welsh Government about how working carers can be supported.



Final draft Wellbeing Plan out for consultation to have your say

Bridgend County Borough’s Public Services Board (PSB) brings together public, private and third sector organisations to improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of Bridgend.  The PSB has been working to improve wellbeing and together with the public, the PSB want to create a place that everyone wants to live in now, and in the future. 

The final draft Wellbeing Plan is currently out for consultation. In this survey you will see the things that the PSB will focus on over the next five years, including wellbeing objectives and the steps to be taken to achieve them. 

Before the PSB developed this plan, they undertook a wellbeing assessment through talking to communities and looking at a wide range of information and data. This assessment has guided them in choosing these objectives. 

Our wellbeing objectives are:

  1. Best start in life
  2. Support communities in Bridgend to be safe and cohesive
  3. Reduce social and economic inequalities
  4. Healthy choices in a healthy environment

The PSB is keen to get a broad range of feedback to the consultation that will help improve the plan and support delivery. They would very much appreciate your views now on whether you think these are the right things for us to focus on. 

A full copy of the Wellbeing Plan, including information about the Bridgend Public Services Board (PSB), can be found here

To find out more and complete the survey please follow this link.  



Have your say on mandatory concessionary fares scheme in Wales

Welsh Government recently announced the launch of  a public consultation about arrangements for mandatorylogo concessionary fares in Wales: Maintaining free bus travel for older  people, disabled people and some injured service veterans. 

They are consulting on options to improve access to and use of free bus travel in Wales. These include:

  • Welsh Government becoming the Travel Concession Authority;
  • increasing the age of eligibility for older people to match the UK state retirement age;
  • the issue of 'companion' passes for disabled people;
  • extending the scheme to include volunteers.

Deadline for responses 12 January 2018.

Find out more details and how to respond here >>>



Statistics driving focus for Service on priority actions for the South Wales communitiesloho

South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority has published its Improvement Plan - “How did we do in 2016/17 and what we plan to do in 2018/19” which highlights the differences and changes – positive and negative – that have occurred as a result of the risk reduction and educational activities they carried out from April 2016 to March 2017.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service continues to strive to improve services to its communities.

The Improvement Plan, including those sections under consultation, can be accessed on the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service website at or by email

They would be grateful if you could answer a short list of questions and respond to them through this link



Have your say on council servicesBridgend County Borough Council

Bridgend County Borough Council is inviting local people to have their say on the services it provides. Members are being recruited for the council’s Citizens’ Panel, which helps it to understand local people’s opinions about the services it provides for residents and businesses, and to review and improve its work.

Do you know someone who may be interested in joining the Citizens’ Panel? Bridgend County Borough Council has made it easier for residents to take part in their surveys. Sign up forms are available at all libraries and responding online is even more user friendly.To find out more or if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about this service, please get in touch with the Communications, Marketing and Engagement team on 01656 643664 or email



Young people of Bridgend and Taff Ely to create Urdd Gobaith Cymru’s message of Peace and Goodwill in 2018

The message has been published by the Young people of Wales and broadcast to all corners of the globe everylogo year since 1922. The message aims to stimulate discussion and give Young people the opportunity to reflect on current affairs and their impact on the citizens of the world.

Following an initial workshop, a short survey has been drawn up to collect comments from young people across the nation. We ask kindly for your co-operation in sharing these links as wide as possible. Urdd Gobaith Cymru is keen to reach as many young Welsh people as possible, regardless of their ability to speak Welsh.

Download short survey here - Dwyieithog / Bi-lingual >>>
Download short survey here - Cymraeg >>>

For further information about the project, or details on how to involve some of your members, contact Jordan Morgan-Hughes, T: 01656 457 420 / 07976 00 33 55.




Missing Voices? You and politics

Electoral Reform Society Cymru's Missing Voices project aims to have an honest conversation about voting and how people across Wales logofeel about politics. It will also examine the recent increase in political engagement and ask how they can sustain that.

While the project want to talk to as many people as possible in the country, they we will be specifically looking to engage with people who don’t vote (or vote sporadically) and hearing their stories. Hopefully they can report back to people in October. Say what politics means to you by taking part in survey on non-voters below:

Missing Voices English survey >>>

Missing Voices Welsh language survey >>>

The purpose of this survey is to inform the work of the Electoral Reform Society with your views and opinions. It should take no more than five minutes to complete and all your responses will be anonymous. The Electoral Reform Society reserves the right to use and publish the anonymous data and will keep it for five years in accordance with the Data Protection Act, after which it will be destroyed. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time. They will NOT share these details with a third party, and the information will be used for research purposes only.

For further details visit
Twitter: @ERS_Cymru  Facebook:




Age Alliance Wales - React to the Act: older people have your saylogo

Age Alliance Wales want to hear about the experiences of older people and their families and carers who have accessed care and support services following the introduction of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act in April 2016.

The introduction of the Act saw changes in care and support in Wales and Age Alliance Wales want to hear more about how these changes have affected you or your family/carers.

The changes in the Act mean that when accessing support services you should have been asked what matters to you and have had a strong voice in deciding what you need to achieve well-being. Assessments should have looked at what you could do your-self; what you could do with the help of friends, family or the community and arranged support for what you couldn’t do. You should have found it easy to access information and advice and been offered support or someone to speak on your behalf if needed. There should also be more services available for help when needed so problems don’t get worse.

If you are aged 50 or over, or a family member or carer of some aged 50 or over and would like to share your experience, Age Alliance Wales invites you to complete a short survey. You can click on the link below to access the survey online.  

React to the Act

Or you can visit to download the survey and return by email or post.



Chance to have your say on commissioning and procurementlogo

WCVA have produced a very short survey on commissioning and procurement which asks you three questions to look at where is it working, and where isn't it?

To take part, please click on the highlighted writing above, the survey should take no longer than five minutes to complete.


What is the Well-being of Future Generations Act?

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act was implemented in April 2016 to enable public bodies and invited partners throughout Wales to work together to improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales.

The Act ensures that public bodies think more about what can be achieved in the long-term, working better with people and communities to create a Wales that we all want to live in, both now and in the future.

The Act features seven wellbeing goals for Wales.

These are:

• A globally responsible Wales;

• A prosperous Wales;

• A resilient Wales;

• A healthier Wales;

• A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language;

• A Wales of cohesive communities;

• A more equal Wales.

To support the Act, Public Service Boards have been developed in each of the counties in Wales, replacing previous Local Service Boards. Since 1 May 2016, the main focus in Bridgend County Borough for the newly formed Public Service Board has been to look at the assessment of wellbeing. By April 2018 a number of priorities will be identified which the Public Service Board in Bridgend will agree to achieve in meeting the seven national wellbeing goals.

For further information on the Public Service Board in Bridgend County Borough click here >>>

Get involved and have a say
Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA), has a short online questionnaire which will assist the Future Generations Commissioner to understand the relationship between the third sector and the Public Services Boards. Contribute to this short questionnaire here >>> 

What are the priority areas?
Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe is currently setting up the priority areas where she will focus her support and challenge public bodies – and she needs your help.

All public bodies and a wide range of stakeholders have been asked to take part in a short survey as part of an on-going conversation about the biggest risks and opportunities facing Wales in the future and how best to tackle them. Be part of this conversation by clicking here and scroll down to ‘take the survey’.

For further information on the Wales we want, visit