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Community Voice: Needs Must / Pan fo Angen project collectively touched on the lives of over 2,000 people

Community Voice: Needs Must / Pan Fo Angen Project

Our Big Lottery funded project has now come to an end. Over the last four years, BAVO has supported local charities to help individuals and organisations from minority groups to have their voices heard.  The project, partners and beneficiaries aimed to ensure citizens were able to influence policy decisions and service improvements through greater participation and through developing better pathways for engagement. We wanted our communities to be more confident and able to participate.

Thanks to our partners MHM Wales, The Bridge MPS, Action for Children, Bridgend Carers Centre, Everylink Counts and Bridgend Coalition for Group of peopleDisabled People, an independent evaluation undertaken by WIHSC has demonstrated we managed to achieve all out intended outcomes. Following extensive  beneficiary questionnaires throughout the project, data collation and interviews with beneficiaries and partners we can categorically conclude the  project has improved public engagement and participation locally.

As a whole, people felt:

  • They had increased ability to influence  what happens in the local community;
  • They had increased confidence of beneficiaries to get their voices heard;logo
  • They had increased feeling of coproduced services;
  • They had greater belief in the mechanisms available to have voices heard;
  • They had a greater number of areas created to enable their voices to be heard;
  • They had increased belief that what they say has an influence and feeling that they can have their say;
  • They had increased belief that communities can work together to improve the lives of marginalised citizens.

Collectively the project has touched on the lives of over 2,000 people. Start of film

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Let your voice be heard and be part of the future development of services that affect you! The Big Lottery funded Community Voice: Needs Must/ Pan Fo Angen project commenced in April 2014.

Helping people to speak out and influence the decisions that affect their community and their lives in Bridgend County Borough, the aim of the project is to increase the voice of citizens and especially those who are most marginalised in local policy and planning processes. Consisting of seven local third sector projects, BAVO is the lead organisation.Big Lottery logo

The aim of the project is to increase the voice of citizens and especially those who are most marginalised in local policy and planning processes. Consisting of seven Bridgend County Borough third sector projects, Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations is the lead organisation.

An estimated 2,040 beneficiaries will benefit including disabled people, young adult carers, people who self-harm, older people (particularly those aged 50-60), people from the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender community, people with learning disabilities and residents from the Ogmore Valley.

Community Voice was developed after the Big Lottery Fund commissioned a study from a Citizen Voice Policy and Practice across Wales and Grop of peoplethe UK. It found that over the last 10 to 15 years, Government policy has increasingly recognised the benefits and importance of community engagement and there was a considerable value in citizens being able to influence the design and delivery of public services. Findings also revealed that it could equally be valuable to focus on ways communities could be encouraged to develop their own approaches and solutions to community needs. 10 Voluntary Councils across Wales have been awarded over £11million from the Big Lottery Fund's Community Voice programme, including BAVO's individual award of £1million, to help people speak out to influence the decisions that affect their own community and their lives.

BAVO's Chief Executive Officer, Heidi Bennett says: "The common aim of the project is to support organisations and individuals, particularly minority groups and groups that find it difficult to participate. In helping them have a voice and to actively contribute to decisions about services that are designed for them or are supposed to meet their needs, we feel service providers will be in a better place to deliver good services and improvements.

“Hopefully longer term, this will result in financial savings, and more satisfied service users and residents. This has got to be a good move forward in times of austerity, when we need to help our partners look for cost savings, whilst also striving to retain high quality services."

The seven partner providers work together to promote and develop citizen engagement for specific community groups in order to influence local service development, delivery and evaluation.

A day to celebrate ‘Speaking up and working together’

The Community Voice Needs Must/Pan fo Angen projectcelebrated their third year at their ‘Speaking up and working together’ conference at the Hi-Tide in Porthcawl in 2016.

Take a look at our Community Voice presentation here >>>

It was a day to learn from the organisations involved and hear from participants about their ideas for improving services. It was also a chance for service providers to meet to talk about improving working together.

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Community Voice partners

A Bridge Mentoring Plus Scheme to help young and adult lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have a say about local services.


T: 01656 647601 • E:,uk  •


Age Cymru: SHOUT
Working with older people to give the over 50s a voice, help solve problems and communicate their needs to service providers.


T: 07891 834 230 • E:  •   


Bridgend Coalition of Disabled People
Shaping our lives and communities, planning together. Providing support, social groups and training to give disabled people a platform to have their voices heard.

T: 07814 209 472 • E:


Every Link Counts: Digi Talk
For people with learning difficulties offering training and representation using film making, animation and digital storytelling.


T: 01656 812796 • E:  •


Ogmore Futures
An Ogmore Valley Community Council project helping people to participate in a valley forum and consult about regeneration.
T: 07805 805 222 • E:


Self Harm - Self Help
A Mental Health Matters Wales project talking with people who self harm to inform and improve local services. Community Voice Self Harm-Self Help Project raises awareness and challenges attitudes.



Self-Harm Self-Help group  in Bridgend:
First and third Monday of every month Mental Health Matters Wales’ Self-Harm Self-Help group invites anyone with an interest in self-harm to attend this friendly and informal group.


Young Adult Carers Voice Project
Action for Children in partnership with Bridgend Carers Centre offer consultations, monthly forums and activities to help young adult carers represent themselves.

Read Young Adult Carers Voice Project's update from our celebration event July 2016 >>>

'A Caring Voice' - a magazine for and about young carers: a quarterly magazine for carers and professionals to keep Bridgend County Borough informed of the fantastic work young carers do.


T: 01656 766067 • E:


For further information please contact the Community Voice: NEEDS MUST /Pan fo Angen Portfolio Co-ordinator, T: 01656 810400 or E: