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BAVO Development Officer holding workshop in front of peopleCommunity development support at BAVO

BAVO provides expert advice for community and voluntary groups and projects in Bridgend County Borough.

BAVO’s Development Officers provide ongoing support and advice to Trustees including drafting and amending governing documents, charity and company registration, developed policies and procedures (e.g. safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, equalities and diversity, health and safety), together with tailored support to groups in their development of both capital and revenue funding bids.

Our officers also enable groups to access grant search facilities at GrantNET and offer support with developing grant applications and receive and respond to enquiries regarding funding and offer follow-on support.

Managing community and voluntary groups isn’t always easy. You’re creative, enthusiastic and have a great vision. You may be working on a shoestring with voluntary managers and don’t have enough hours in the day.

If you sometimes wish you had an expert on hand to sort things out for you, contact BAVO by downloading and completing our Development Assessment Form and sending it back to BAVO.

Useful community development guidance handbooks

Good Governance: A code for the third sector in Wales >>

Faith and hope don’t run charities (Trustees do) >>

Charity Commission Trustee handbook >>

For further details on how our Development Officers can help you,
T: 01656 810400 or E: