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9. Assets

9.1 Buildings

Organisations should shop around when looking for buildings and fins someone who understands their specific needs. They should compare and contract the service they are offered. Some providers specialise in certain types of property and some are in a position to offer deals.



9.2 Running buildings

This information sheet tells you something about each of the utility charges you may have to pay if you are managing a community building, insurance considerations and indicates sources for further information.

Running buildings

Rhedeg adeiladau

9.3 Land

The issues relating to the ownership and use of land are extremely complex. However, it is important that voluntary organisations have a basic grasp of the law, regulation and the practical matters that relate to them.



9.4 Information technology

The use of information technology by the voluntary sector has changed rapidly in recent years. Most voluntary organisations now use all manner of information technology equipment from computers to scanners to digital cameras. There is a huge variety of equipment and services available to you - the key is to clearly define what it is the equipment is being used for and who is going to use it.

Information technology

Technoleg Gwybodaeth

9.5 Vehicles

When acquiring vehicles to be used by a voluntary organisation it is worth shopping around since substantial saving scan be made with the deals offered by manufacturers and suppliers. It is also worth weighing up the merits of renting, lease-purchasing and buying.



9.6 Intellectual property

Intellectual property, often known as IP, allows people to own their creativity and innovation in the same way that they can own physical property. The owner of IP can control and be rewarded for its use and this encourages further innovation and creativity to the benefit of us all.

Intellectual property

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