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12. Climate change

12.1 Introducing climate change

Having an understanding of climate change will make it easier for you to consider the possible impacts, manage your climate risks and make better decisions about planning for the future.

Introducing climate change

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12.2 Why climate change issues are important for the third sector

Climate change is not just an environmental issue, it affects all of us as there are social and economic impacts. As third sector organisations and groups, we need to understand what these impacts will be, how they will impact on the people and communities you support and consider what you need to do to address these impacts.

Why climate change issues are important for the third sector

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12.3 Climate change as part of sustainable development

One Wales: One Planet is the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Development Scheme. It sets out the Welsh Government’s vision of a sustainable Wales and the priority it attaches to sustainable development. Achieving this vision requires all organisations in Wales to actively commit to sustainable development as their central organising principle.

Climate change as part of sustainable development

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12.4 Climate change social justice – impacts on vulnerable groups

The groups most vulnerable to climate change are generally those already identified as most vulnerable or disadvantage in some other way, both globally and the UK.

Climate change social justice - impacts on vulnerable groups

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12.5 Climate change and environmental justice

Environmental justice is centred on the basic human right to a clean and healthy environment. Locally, nationally and globally the most vulnerable people with the least power and money often see this right denied. Whether it is do with exposure to air pollution or flooding, the location of hazardous installations or simply not having access to the environment, the poorest in society are often disproportionately affected.              

Climate change and environmental justice

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12.6 Climate change and energy

The decline in the availability of oil, gas and later coal, means that unless a systematic transition to a post-carbon society is initiated and planned for now, it is likely to happen without our choosing and with serious consequences for poverty reduction.

Climate change and energy

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12.7 Climate change and housing

Our homes are responsible for adding greatly to the problem of climate change, emissions from homes must be reduced to mitigate climate change.

Climate change and housing

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12.8 Climate change and livelihoods

Virtually all sectors of the economy will be affected in some way by the transition to a low-carbon economy, with implications for the nature, location and security of jobs. Many individuals and communities in the UK are still paying the price fore the rapid shift away from industrial production over the last 30 years and we must not allow the transition to a low-carbon economy cause similar effects.,

Climate change and livelihoods

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12.9 Climate change and health

The Department of Health identifies a number of negative health effects that are likely to worsen with climate change. The negative impacts of climate change in human health are of particular significance to those living in poverty.

Climate change and health

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12.10 Climate change and transport

Combating climate change will make it necessary to revolutionise transport in the UK. A post-carbon society will have to rely vastly more on public transport, walking and biking and the car will no longer dominate our towns and villages.

Climate change and transport 

12.11 Reduce your organisation’s or group’s carbon footprint

Your organisational carbon footprint includes emissions from all the activities across your organisation, including a building’s energy use, products you but, electricity, gas and transport.

Reduce your organisation or group's carbon footprint 

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12.12 Take local community level action on climate change

Climate change is one of the many challenges faced by community groups in Wales and by tackling climate change we can also address a range of other issues which affect us and our communities. Communities and community organisations play a vital role in engaging with people on the ground and often play a leading role in developing grass roots action and awareness. This information sheet points to some sources of information and inspiration to start the ball rolling.

Take local community level action on climate change

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