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10. Promotion and marketing

10.1 Communications and marketing plan

You need to ask yourself how aware are the public is of your work and what its opinion is of what you do. In order to get an objective view, some research will probably be required which will help identify your position in people’s minds.

Communications and marketing plan

Cynllun cyathrebu a marchnata

10.2 Creating effective marketing and publicity materials

Before you outline your marketing objectives, you must identify your organisation’s product, service or benefit. What do you? What is your organisation’s special quality? Hoe do you differ from other organisations? How do you want to be perceived?

Creating effective marketing and publicity materials

Creu defnyddiau marchnata a chyhoeddusrwyrdd effeithiol

10.3 Preparing newsletters

Newsletters work best when working to a single, simple purpose based on a shared common interest between reader and newsletter. The best newsletters convey a touch of urgency. Their content relates to the last few or next few weeks. How current your information can be will often dictate how often you need to produce your newsletters.

Preparing newsletters

Paratoi cylchlythyrau

10.4 Working with the media

Fundraising, public support and reputation are all affected by media coverage. Ensure that systems are already in place for dealing with the media and develop a clear idea of how you would like your organisation to appear in the public eye.

Working with the media

Gweithio gyda'r cyfryngau

10.5 Effective press releases

Good work can be boring – you have no absolute right to media coverage. Press release style must be concise, catchy and as intriguing as possible. Imagine you know nothing about your organisation. Does this story stand out? Is it really of interest to readers or viewers? In short, is it tempting to an editor deluged with press releases on a daily basis?

Effective press releases

Datganiadau cyfryngau effeithiol

10.6 The annual report

Publishing your annual report is not just a statutory obligation, it can be the single most important marketing and communications opportunity you have each year. Judgements about your performance will be made on the strength of your annual report.

The annual report

Yr adroddiad blynyddol

10.7 Website development and maintenance

Your potential audience should be able to find you easily through keywords in a search engine; therefore, you need to put as much information into your website as possible. Ensure all pages have titles, register your website with search engines, update registration on a monthly basis and use information that is relevant to your target audience.

Website development and maintenance

Datblygu a chynnal gwefan

10.8 Accessible formats and languages

This information sheets sets out what organisations should do to ensure that the information they provide is accessible to all. Your aim should be to remove barriers to accessing information, comply with al legal duties and responsibilities and ensure all staff is aware of the options for the provision of information to the public.

Accessible formats and languages

Fformat a iaith gyraeddadwy

10.9 New and social media in the voluntary sector

Those within the voluntary sector are often involved with campaigning, fundraising and service delivery. Organisations want to tell stories about the people they work with, the communities they are in and the issues they are passionate about. Social media provides a new space that gives you the opportunity to do all of these things, and is an effective way to engage current supporters and reach new ones.

New and social media in the voluntary sector

Cyfryngau Newydd a Chymdeithasol yn y Sector Gwirfoddol